Event Sponsorship Information


The organizers of the New England 1:1 Summit would like to invite your organization to participate as a vendor sponsor for our conference on April 10, 2015. The New England 1:1 Summit has become the largest FREE educational technology event in our area.

We are once again bringing together educators, superintendents, school administrators, and IT professionals. The focus of our event is to introduce and showcase opportunities and ideas for creating an outstanding 1:1 learning program. Presentations throughout the event will demonstrate the effectiveness of this type of learning environment and promote new and emerging tools for creating dynamic educational opportunities for students.

Our event is free for participants and is a great opportunity for all of the stakeholders in education to see and experience what effective use of technology in the classroom and 1:1 learning programs can do for schools and districts. We will also be providing coffee and refreshments for all participants. Therefore, we ask all vendor sponsors for a contribution to help make this event a lasting learning experience for all of the attendees.

As a vendor sponsor, your organization will be highlighted to all participants during the event and through the websites of the BPS EdTech Team. Vendor sponsors may also provide prizes or product samples for the closing session.

Vendor Sponsorship $200

Informational post, logo, and links on our event website and BPS EdTech Team sites
Recognition and Logo during the opening keynote at each location
Recognition and Logo displayed during closing session at each location

Contact Dennis Villano for more information about becoming a New England 1:1 Summit sponsor.

Dennis Villano
Director of Technology Integration
Burlington Public Schools


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