Middle School – Andy Marcinek

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We are excited to announce that Andy Marcinek will be joining the keynote panel for the New England 1:1 Summit! Andy will be discussing the best planning and integration practices needed to build a 1:1 learning program. Andy will be part of the Keynote Panel at the Marshall Simonds Middle School event location.

Andy is currently the Director of Technology for Grafton Public Schools and a blogger for Edutopia. He previously served as an Instructional Technology Specialist for Burlington High School and helped lead the 1:1 iPad learning program as well as the creation of the Student Help Desk program. Andy has designed and created a digital and information literacy course that focuses on Web 2.0 applications, Google Apps for Education, Information Literacy, and Digital Citizenship. Outside the classroom, Andy has organized four edcamps and presented at various conferences around the country. Based on his current and previous work at Edutopia, Andy has recently published his first book, The 1:1 Roadmap, through Corwin Press on personalized learning in 1:1 environment. Andy is also co-founder of EducatorU. EducatorU provides unique technology training and deployment services for schools and districts.

Follow Andy on Twitter @andycinek


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