30hands Learning


We believe that the way students learn determines how much they learn and how much they retain. 30hands is using technology and techniques to change the way teachers and students work in the classroom to improve learning. Our approach is hands-on iterative creativity for both the teacher and the student through Project-Based Learning and Digital Storytelling.

Technology supplements classroom learning, so it has to be simple to use for both teachers and students, it has to promote higher levels of learning, and it must keep students focused rather than distracted. A teacher’s time is very valuable, and we take that into consideration with our user interface design. We know this from our own classroom experiences. 

 Be creative, but do it iteratively for better end-products and better learning!

30hands Cloud is an eClassroom platform for blended learning that merges personalized, structured content with social media and student publishing for better, student-centric learning. Not only is it easy to create eClassrooms, but it’s easy to make changes later. 

30hands Mobile is a fun storytelling app that allows students, teachers and anyone with creativity to easily create and revise stories or presentations based on photos, images or slides using a smartphone or tablet.

30hands Workshops help educate teachers and administrators on how to implement PBL, Flipping the Classroom, Digital Storytelling and 1:1 devices in the classroom. Workshops are always hands-on and collaborative and are either 3 hours or 90 minutes.

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